In today’s culture, terms like self-care and wellness are commonplace. We’ve come to understand the importance of stress management, proper diet and exercise, and healthy relationships. These dynamics are no longer only pursued personally, but also within the workplace. Companies have realized that not only do healthy employees stick around longer, but they are also more productive, collaborative, and creative. Recognizing there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness, this article will examine some strategies for personal self-care as well as corporate ideas to bolster your current workplace culture.
Don’t worry if your company doesn’t offer a host of amazing wellness perks—there’s still a lot you can do in the realm of self-care! Let’s look at some self-care strategies that you can consider incorporating into your schedule.

Self-care Strategies
Focus on what you enjoy. If you’re pursuing self-care on your own, first and foremost, it’s important to recognize the things you enjoy. Consider activities that feel life-giving to you, rather than things that deplete your energy. The idea behind wellness and self-care is that you’ll have fun and get some rejuvenation, creativity, and stress relief. You want to feel better, not worse, afterwards!

Get outside
Whether you consider yourself a nature person or not, fresh air and sunshine are good for all of us! If you’re not already doing this, schedule breaks during your day, or time before/after work to get outside and take a brisk walk. Even if the weather is gloomy, being outside will give you a change of scenery and some refreshment. If you are a nature person, visit your favorite hiking trail, walk in the woods, and even consider going somewhere new or incorporating a different outdoor activity. This will keep you from getting stuck in the same routine. The variety might spark a whole new level of creativity!

Be active
If you love to exercise, consider incorporating a new workout, taking a class, or learning a new sport. Here again, the variety may surprise you. In addition to the physical benefits, you may find a new hobby that you’ll continue practicing for years!

Spend time with people you enjoy, including yourself!
It may be that you need time with friends. If that’s the case, call someone and plan to meet for coffee, dinner, or an activity. Sometimes our professional relationships get all our time and energy, and our social relationships need attention. Think of someone you really love being around and make a point to spend time with them. It will likely be life-giving for both of you! If you’re an introvert and find yourself inundated with people and demands, regularly schedule some time alone where you can relax and where you don’t feel pressured.

Organize your stuff
Sometimes self-care can be as simple as organizing a desk, a room, or a closet that’s been needing attention. So often, when our outer world is in order, our inner world becomes more settled. If this sounds like you, look around and make some time to tackle that project!

Workplace Wellness
If you’re approaching wellness from a corporate perspective, offering ongoing services can go a long way in increasing employee satisfaction. These can range from providing personal coaching, offering on-site massage, regular health screenings, and other perks. Early on in this evolution, companies introduced alternative and flexible work schedules, allowing employees more freedom in their days. It has been widely proven that when employees have more control over their schedules, they are happier, healthier, and more productive. More and more, larger companies are offering employees perks that include free meals, vibrant color, and physical recreational spaces. This is especially common with large tech companies. These companies leverage elements that produce a collaborative environment where stress is reduced, and creativity can thrive.

Corporate wellness events
If your company is looking to enhance personal connections and add some wellness perks, your possibilities are almost endless. Scheduling regular events to connect and have fun together can literally transform your corporate culture. Fun is often the missing link in the workplace. Over the past several decades, companies have realized that when people can relax and have fun together, they become healthier and happier. Recognizing that not everyone can work for a company that shares this philosophy, corporate events can be a great avenue to allow your employees and coworkers to let their hair down and have fun. Interestingly, solid workplace connections can be built more effectively in a non-work environment. Wellness events can be easily incorporated into conferences, retreats, or multi-day events. You may consider providing an event at a theme park or catering a lunch at a popular restaurant. Or you might offer employees a bowling night or collaborate in an escape room. The possibilities really are endless. When employees feel like they can be themselves and they know that their needs are recognized, the company culture can improve by leaps and bounds. If you’re not sure which events might work for your team, we are happy to help with ideas, planning, or execution! Reach out to us at


Self-Care and Wellness Practices for Home and Work

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