Planning events that use sustainable practices and products is a must for event management and event production. Small gatherings and large, individuals and businesses alike are taking steps to practically reduce environmental impact and minimize waste.

If you’ve frequented various events, you’ve likely witnessed food waste, use of large quantities of disposable products, paper, and individual water bottles throughout most events and conferences. Hopefully, over the past few years you have also witnessed less of this with an increased use in technology- apps designed for attendee engagement in lieu of large amounts of paper production, digital venue signage, and reusable drinkware for meetings and events. 

When it comes to event planning, the options for sustainable products are continually growing. More and more people are making conscious choices to protect the environment as they strategize for their events. Fortunately, there are some small elements you can include in your event that can make a big difference in this regard. At Carter Group Creative, we’ve incorporated the practices outlined below. We encourage you to consider these and also to get creative in thinking of other elements you might add to make your events more eco-friendly!


We reuse décor whenever possible. Over the years, we have developed an inventory of items for multiple events and venues, and we repurpose and/or reuse these as individual event goals and design allow. Flowers’ Cuddles is one local vendor we are proud to partner with, given their excellence in business and creativity, as well as their conscious focus on sustainability. 

“As the owner of Flowers’ Cuddles, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices extends from our recyclable delivery boxes, recycled wrapping tissue, and Kraft paper to our flower food and packaging. With our 100% recycled wrapping paper, not only are we saving trees and energy, but we’re also creating more jobs in the process. Our flower food, sourced from our trusted supplier and packaged in recyclable paper bags, provides the perfect nourishment for your blooms without any unnecessary waste. And when it comes to keeping your flowers fresh, our cotton towel, soaked in water, and compostable bags made from cornstarch ensure both environmental friendliness and delivery day perfection. Together, we’re not just delivering flowers—we’re delivering a greener, brighter future.”

Lana Bespalov, Founder of Flowers’ Cuddles


When it comes to paper, we believe less is more! Digital options are great whenever possible, but when paper is needed, it’s worth discussing the materials you’ll use, where they originate, and their environmental impact. Another great company we love is Blu Rose Designs. They specialize in sustainable, eco-friendly paper goods, including invitations, greeting cards, gift cards, and more. And, talk about sustainability! Blu Rose partners with One Tree Planted, ensuring a tree is planted with every Blu Rose order! 

“At Blú Rose, we are committed to sustainability in every aspect of our business. We prioritize using eco-friendly materials like cotton (tree-free), bamboo, and recycled paper to minimize our environmental impact. We’ve also partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree with every order.”

Reusable Name Badges 

Don’t waste your name (badge)! Name badges and accessories are a staple at almost every large event. If you’re looking for sustainable, you can surely find what you need. There are biodegradable, recyclable, and other sustainable options for many conference supplies, including name badges. We have had great success with PC/Nametag; they will likely be able to provide the products you need your event. And, following your event, you can take advantage of their convenient program for recycling badge holders. Just send them your used badge holders and they will recycle them for you. 

Food & Beverage

Of course, at any event, we want to eliminate as much plastic and disposable waste as possible. Logistically, you may not be able to eliminate all the disposables. We get that. But examine your venue, number of guests, and your goals, and determine where you could substitute glass or other materials for plastic or disposables. If you’re considering working with a caterer, a company that focuses on sustainability will already have a plan in place and can help move you in a “green” direction. Here’s a great resource that lists some of D.C.’s finest sustainable caterers: .


Wherever possible, we encourage our clients to use “green”/LEED-certified venues for their events. In the D.C. area, this is not difficult to do! The Washington, D.C. area boasts high-level sustainability throughout the city, including events, transportation, lodging, and a myriad of other venues and services. By using a “green” or LEED-certified venue, you can be sure your event includes the least amount of negative environmental impact. You may be wondering, what exactly is LEED? 

The U.S. Green Building Council developed the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, which provides a standardized framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings, which offer environmental, social and governance benefits. Currently, Washington, D.C. leads the country in LEED-certified, “green” buildings. The following guide offers multiple venue options for your sustainable event, including hotels, conference centers, and others : .

If you’re looking to hold an event in or around D.C., you’d be amiss to not check out all the options available to you! Carter Group Creative is familiar with many of these venues and options and can partner with you on finding the perfect fit for your big day.

As you think about your next event, you’ll be brainstorming about a theme, the proper venue, the food, décor, accessories, and other things that will be special for your guests. You’ll want the whole experience to be memorable and to go smoothly. When you consider sustainability in your planning, you can be sure you’re covering all your bases and benefitting not only your guests, but the environment. There are many options to choose from and you may be surprised that going “green” affords you a better experience than you imagined. Reach out to us here and let us know how we can help! 




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