The Holiday Season is on the horizon… If you plan to host any holiday celebrations, now is the time to start thinking about them!

Prior to Hosting…

Think who, what, where?

Do you want to invite all your family and friends, or just immediate family, those who live nearby, those who will need to arrange travel, your neighbors, etc.

What do you want the celebration to look like? The look and feel will determine many of the other elements you consider moving forward.

Where will the event be? Do you prefer to spend quality time at home, or at a restaurant or other venue? Consider the benefits of each scenario. At home will typically have a comfy, cozy feel without time constraints. A public venue will mean no clean up tasks, but will need a specific time frame, may require limits on the number of guests, and will need to be accessible for everyone attending.

Confirm your date. Some people choose to host on the actual day of the holiday, while others may choose dates surrounding it. Confirm your date early, and if you have a large number of guests, are hosting for the first time, or have travelers, try to share your confirmed date with your guests as soon as possible. Consider sending a Save the Date or use another efficient way to contact your guests.

Once you have thought about, and hopefully confirmed, these points, it’s time to think about the details! Here are a few things to get you started with your planning:

The Details

  • Save the date, if appropriate
  • Invitation (print, video, text, email?)
  • Space to eat (assuming food is included!) Will you eat at a traditional dining table? Will you use casual seating? Do you have enough seating, or will you need to bring in seating?
  • What to eat. Will you cook, share cooking, cater, or order-in a meal?
  • Beverages. Beverages can be an exciting feature, and can be a shared activity. There are so many holiday drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) to craft. Consider how and what you will offer.
  • Sleeping. If you have travelers, are you providing space for them, or are you familiar with nearby sleeping options they can use?
  • Tablescape. Have fun! This is an opportunity to let your creativity shine. Color palette, china, flatware, glassware, a fully covered table, or a bare table with a runner. Will you want fresh floral arrangements? Do you own all the pieces needed or will you need to grab a few items from a local store or rent a larger quantity? (This can depend on quantity and whether you wish to mix pieces or have a cohesive look.)
  • Entertainment. Other than eating and drinking, think about how you will entertain your guests. Will there be music? Are your board games ready to go and not missing pieces? How will you entertain the kiddos?

Other Considerations

Timing! You may be thinking, it’s only September, but holiday planning happens now! You will want to make any necessary reservations now, particularly if you need a venue or a service provider. I need to snag custom dinosaur cookies for a December event and bakers are already booked up with holiday orders!

Be mindful of those who may not celebrate the same holidays as you, as well as those who may have a tough time around the holidays. As we know, the holiday season is not necessarily a joyous time for many. There are various reasons one may not wish to celebrate the holidays or would rather remain a bit low key during this time. Don’t leave them out, but allow them the grace to decline an invitation.

For COVID considerations when hosting, check out our previous blog Celebrating During Covid-19. These are just a few ideas to get you started. If we already gave you too much to think about or you simply don’t want to do it, connect with us – we are here to help! Best of luck and happy planning- EARLY!

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