Celebrating during a pandemic?

Some opt to not host events, and that’s perfectly fine. Others may feel it’s business as usual and say, Let’s party on!

But what happens when you’re in the middle of the spectrum and have a major milestone to celebrate, or you simply feel life still deserves to be celebrated – even if differently than before?

If you do decide to gather in person with family, friends, and/or colleagues during COVID-19, there are a number of things to consider and safety measures to implement to host as safely as possible.

Throughout the pandemic, guidelines have varied regarding guest count, mask wearing, travel restrictions, etc. First and foremost, always be sure to check the latest regulations in your area regarding hosting guidelines and restrictions.

Respect that individual comfort levels vary. What one guest is comfortable with, other guests may not be.

Let guests know what to expect. When providing details prior to the event, include information and expectations regarding considerations being implemented for guest safety. Be sure to also include any safety measures the venue has adopted. Out of precaution and consideration, have masks and hand sanitizer available. This can be a great opportunity to incorporate your company’s logo, or even an image that is significant to the event, on the personal protective gear you provide.

Some elements to consider when hosting:

Intimate. If you have something to celebrate and want to gather in person, but you are hesitant due to safety concerns, keep it intimate. The fewer guests, the less risk, and the ability to easier track if there is a health issue following the event.

Outdoors. When possible, host outdoors. Gathering outdoors may increase your concern for weather, insects, etc. but it lowers the health risk. Be sure to have an alternate weather plan, sunscreen, and insect repellent on hand.

Food & Beverage. There has been an increase in plated and individual meals, as shared styles decrease. Consider options to keep food items as individualized as possible to decrease the use of shared utensils. Plated meals, bento boxes, and individualized desserts continue to be popular choices. When planning an event with food stations, work with your event professional to design a layout that will allow a spacious setup and incorporate your vision. For example, if space allows individualized stations for each food type allows for extra space for guest flow, limits bottlenecks, and if served by a catering professional, limits the use of shared utensils.

Space. Even if the six feet distance rule seems long gone now, guests still generally prefer more personal space than feeling cramped. Design your space so that guests feel like they have personal space and consider the flow of the event from entry/egress, movement throughout the event, etc.

Need help?

Keeping these things in mind will ensure guests are comfortable and feel their health and safety is prioritized during your event. We know that events require great attention to detail and are no small undertaking, particularly during a pandemic. For assistance with future celebrations, contact us —we’d love to help!

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Celebrating During COVID-19

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