For those planning to celebrate this season, in this blog, we’ve quickly rounded up our take on this year’s festivities.


Maximalist. The time to celebrate is now—don’t be quiet about it! If space permits, large scale décor is always a hit to transform space and leave a lasting impression. Your secret weapon? Lighting. Professional lighting can enhance, elevate, and transform your event. If the event is on a smaller scale, say an intimate dinner party, leave no stone unturned when it comes to the details to give it a pop in all the right places. Linens, napkins, napkin rings, chargers, place cards, floral. Your options are plentiful!


When possible, we love adding live music. If live music entertainment doesn’t work for the full event, consider adding live music at the beginning or at a portion of your event. Our fave: strings with cover songs. Our fave fave: strings to start, DJ for later. Added bonus: curated entertainment to mix and mingle with guests and provide photo ops.


Be bold—In a way that suits you, which doesn’t necessarily have to be from head to toe. Metallics, various textures, patterns, and layers are all ways to create a festive vibe with your attire. I recently wore hot pink heels to an event and felt “boss-babe” energy all night long. Very likely to do it again for a holiday party!


Interactive cocktails and mocktails, please. And of course, bubbles! Now is the time for champagne cocktails. Top pick: prosecco, Chambord, raspberry liqueur, and fresh raspberries. For guests who prefer sans alcohol, there are plenty of tasty and interesting zero-proof options you can make available.


Carb and calorie counting is no fun during this season. With that said, you’ll want to provide more than one dessert option. Not everyone goes for chocolate, and everyone doesn’t want a fruit tart. Dessert bars are a perfect solution to offer variety and bite-size portions. When options are miniature in size, guests feel less guilt for sampling a few. Plus, you can add some lighter options to the fare as well.


Whether it’s home or a venue, the priority should be convenience and ease for your guests. Location matters. If they need to drive, parking matters, and so on. Align the look and feel of your event with the venue and consider your budget. The more the venue has to offer in terms of décor, the less you will need to add to it. Or, if you want to customize a lot, be sure to go with a venue that’s more of a blank canvas. 

Are you feeling the holiday party spirit yet? If you need help planning or need ideas you can take and run with, connect with us! As always, we are mindful of those who may not celebrate the same holidays, as well as those who may not feel joyful around this time of year. There are various reasons one may not wish to celebrate or would rather remain a bit low key during this time. Don’t leave them out, but allow them the grace to decline an invitation.


The Life of the 2023 Holiday Party

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